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Our choice of materials

For our textiles too, we choose proximity. It provides knowledge of the entire manufacturing chain and encourages the creation of sectors that respect women, men and the environment.

A fleece is a stretchy knitted (knitted) fabric. It is then scraped, on looms called “woolies”, or “fillers” to make the fabric bouncy, soft and enveloping. These are machines equipped with cylinders fitted with metal points, which, when passing over the fabric, lift the surface fibers.


For fine fabrics, emery cloth replaces points. We will then speak of “grinding”. After scraping, the fabric has a sheepskin, more or less tangled appearance. At this stage, we have obtained a “fleece”. To even out its surface and give it a neater appearance, it must be shaved.

If scraping gives a good hand and a good look, it also increases the adiathermal power of the fabric thanks to the large quantity of air trapped between the fibers. It also reduces points of contact with the skin, and promotes breathability and wicking away perspiration.


Our choice of material for our light dryer: a very soft “pilou pilou” type fleece, 100% polyester, in stock at our Drôme manufacturer. This shirt is therefore "upcycled", instead of creating a new fiber to design it, we used very beautiful existing fabrics intended to be thrown away!


As for the thick fleece shirt, we chose a material knitted in Rhône-Alpes, with recycled polyester threads. Its softness is incomparable!

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